How To Reach Dhamma Pala

Dhamma Pala Vipassana Centre
Dhamma Pala Vipassana Centre

Dhamma Pala is situated near Kerwa Dam, in Bhopal, the capital city of Madhya Pradesh, India. Residential meditation courses are held here throughout the year.

A City Office situated at E-2/50 Arera Colony Bhopal, manages the registration and correspondence for all such courses at the Centre, and is the contact and coordinating unit for the same. Bus transport is also available from the City Office to the Centre on the starting day of a course, at 2pm, on prior intimation from the participating students.

Approximate distances of the Centre and the City Office from key landmarks are given below:

Distance from Centre City Office
Bhopal Railway Station 18kms 8kms
Habibganj Railway Station 17kms 1km
Inter-State Bus Terminus 18kms 3kms
Halalpur Bus Stand 18kms 9kms
Airport 27kms 19kms
From each other 17kms 17kms

Whether one reaches the Bhopal Airport, either of the two Railway Stations, Bhopal or Habibganj, or any of the two Bus Stands, Halalpur or ISBT and wants to reach Dhamma Pala Centre, one has to travel via Kerwa Dam, a famous and very popular picnic spot. Taxi drivers and Auto rickshaw drivers know this spot well and ply at approximately Rs.25/- and Rs.20/- per km. Once Kerwa Dam is reached, Dhamma Pala is only 2.5kms therefrom. See the sketch below.